Correct Social Media | Laughter Buys the Bus

So many of my business clients as well as musicians ask the same question. “What kind of video are we talking about? We really don’t have anything to talk about.”

There are so many ways to utilize video productions to advertise a business. The hopes are that you get the general public to engage with you by any means possible. I have folks releasing videos of their pups romping, gardening on their personal property, and even showing off their favorite emails (even the highly political ones) as social media or Top Stories in their Blogs! You can always release a Good Commercial, it’s getting people to comment, share, talk about, and post that gets you the results of social web media you are looking for.

Commercials | Using Video Media

The fact is you are working on building a relationship when you use Social Web Media. Offering video clips, flash media, comic strips and jpegs or pictures of your life as the business owner can be a healthy step in building followers and stimulating public interaction. Don’t be afraid to stop advertising for a day and offer a funny joke instead. Interaction comes from the public seeing a business as an individual. Someone in their community that they can relate to. Not just another business looking for a buck in your wallet.

Sending the Right Message | Posting Social Media

It’s a form of community service when you offer laughter and spur emotion. Getting someone to laugh is not easy! It is a servitude. Customer Service Representatives are often trained on how to “lighten the mood” with upset customers by offering true personality. Their is nothing for free in this world except a smile. Look on the internet for jokes about people in your field. Post these jokes and comics… Making fun of one’s self is the oldest trick in the book for building trust and transparency with their community. If you offer your own criticism, folks are less likely to look for your faults.

Workshops | Episodes | Social Engagement

Workshops are a great way to talk to possible consumers face to face in a no pressure environment. Offer something about what you do freely to the world. Leave the surcharges out and offer some personality! You will be surprised by the way folks will want to interact with you! It’s an amazing feeling when you get off topic feedback that brings relevant questions to you about your business. Sharing a skill set will bring expert seekers. People will want to know more when you show them that you are approachable. Leave yourself open to criticism as well…. a bit of black PR is never something to be afraid of.

Last but not least be Creative! Using last nights Amazing Dinner at a local venue could bring relativity to your page. People are always watching. Get them interested. Ask for their opinions. Spawn Conversation. Excite the mind and always remember to answer the call. Stay on top of your engagements by replying, “Liking” back, sharing other posts and staying active. Content doesn’t always have to be selling something. Sometimes the quietest person in the room makes the most conversation.

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