Hiring a Social Web Media Agency

So, I say to him… “If you want to increase your online visibility and your community visibility then that’s when you get creative and hire an advertising agency you can trust. But you have to be willing to move with technology. But If you want to simply “maintain” what you already have out there on the web, then you need to go get yourself an administrative assistant.”

Time after time, I find my clients are asking me to re-explain myself. We marketers speak in a different language most of the time. We speak the language of SEO’s and Google Jabber… We find ourselves sharing links instead of conversations. Titling our interactions with KeyPhrases and Keywords. Noticing when someone has “Followed” our blog is so much more important than being followed at the bar or at the grocery store. And all the while we talk about it like it’s everyday stuff for everyone else.

Google Jabber | Web Media Language

Fact is it isn’t. It surely should not be an Advertising Agency’s intention to make a business owner feel stupid if he cannot understand why he is having to title his blog stories a specific way. It’s their job to make their clients feel safe, attended and dynamic all at the same time. Although explaining our knowledge of how all the intricate pieces work together is much easier than it sounds.

Explaining to clients that they are still getting their point across, but in a different way is truly a hard task. It takes a delicate nature to explain that “Customer Service | Customer Deliveries” and “Our Monday Route” simply don’t work the same when it comes to Google translations. The whole idea of keyphrasing and keyword activity is to ultimately drive traffic to one’s online profile, website, blog and other online impressions… for example Facebook and Twitter. If you aren’t driving, someone else is and they are usually not heading your way.

Why hiring an Social Web Media Agency is the smartest move you can make…

Don’t be afraid of asking your Advertising Agency or Marketing Representative exactly what their intentions are and why they are doing things a certain way. Typically they will have an answer for you… If they don’t, worry. But when they answer in jargon… be patient with them. It is hard enough to comprehend the almighty reign of Google and all it’s ark angels like Bing & Yahoo… but to have to give you the whole bible in one conversation is an extremely difficult task.

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