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Did you know that On the Bus Productions hosts a Studio Event every Friday called the OTB Underground? Well neither did we! That is, we didn’t think it would be this big or this frequent. The Bus Studio has become the Auburn, CA “hang out” on Friday nights more recently, bringing some fantastic musicians, music connoisseurs and great dancing tunes from all over the Sierra Foothills and Northern California.

On the Bus Productions Studio Event
Expanding the Industry one Rock Star at a time…

OTB planned on hosting the musical studio event “OTB Underground” once a month. The idea was to open up the studio floor to seasoned and beginner musicians who just wanted to jam and ‘hook up’ with other musicians. We wanted to open opportunities for “music people” who wanted to find other “music people”. The event also offered a great place for folks to simply come and enjoy a Live Music Scene without the bar scene. The word has spread on this little studio event and the house is starting to fill up by 7pm on Friday nights. With a motto of “Expanding the Industry one Rock Star at a time” and an open floor of guitars, drums, keys, bass’ and creative musicians… we just might pull it off one day. To get an insider’s peek visit our YouTube Page to see our OTB Underground Flick.

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Alternative Blues Rock Artist Corrie Vallance
Corrie Vallance, an original rock singer and songwriter

In hopes of keeping music incorporated with the company without having to squeeze turnips from under paid musicians; Corrie Vallance, President of On the Bus Productions, not only manages this small and unique Advertising Agency… but also pushes a self-started musical career. The Band “Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots” performs live in the Sierra Foothills and Northern California Region. As a singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, she is taking on a completely new project. A Cover Band. The band will not play originals only as she has persisted on for the last 11 years as an Original Artist. Corrie Vallance and the DramaNots will now be swinging Rock n Roll Blues Covers to their following audiences leaving little room on the dance floor for Toe Tappers! “There is something to be said about the power to getting someone outta their seat…” -Corrie. The band hosts public practices and performs every Friday at the small studio in Auburn along with any other musicians who wanna get a lick in. With Full Stage Lights gleaming from the ceiling and a 6 speaker Peavey PA system… The energy is hard to contain.

Original Band
Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots

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“The fact that On the Bus Productions is the backbone for this band helps tremendously in the marketing of the Original Music” -Corrie Vallance. We do everything we can to be easy to find on the internet… the constant marketing of the Advertising Agency somehow motors the bands visibility as well, which is a major plus. Obviously. But without the social web media know-how or the marketing ploys of a manager… How does a band gain better visibility? Covers. Plain and Simple. Playing something the crowd knows will gain you quick and devoted listeners. The idea behind being a musician is first being an entertainer. The music industry allows for an immense amount of creativity, but somewhere along the fine line there must lie some relativity.

Keeping an audience engaged is one of the hardest things to do for any type of entertainer. The listeners must find relativity in order to keep their eyes and ears on you. Find something they can relate to, and you have them hooked… Once you have them in your sights is the moment you can share something new with them.

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