New Year Resolutions

So it’s a completely new year and you have so many things you want to do! Well… as a business owner I have learned to take it all a day at a time. The focus is not how much you can get accomplished, but what you can get accomplished right. Take for instance Social Web Media. You can spend hours on your Facebook, Twitter account and others like it… only to find no one is paying attention. Or you can spend a few minutes a day, posting exactly what you want to bring you the right attention and become very visible, very quickly.

A lot of customers of On the Bus Productions state they want to ensure that their “SEO” is in place. Which is very important. But more importantly, it is your constant collage of content, value in your content and your ability to be creative. SEO is a great way to ensure you are fitting in the box that will inspire Search Engines to review your content and present it. But once your readers and reviewers have arrived, if they aren’t interested, you don’t stand a chance!

Be certain that the content you are putting out there is really what your customers want to hear about. And don’t be afraid to individualize yourself. Show personality as the business tone and they will get what they are expecting when they call or stop in to the shop. Find a way to get to the crowds you have been searching for in 2014. On the Bus Productions works closely with you and your team to ensure you will be heard. If not us, then someone who knows what they are doing. Be sharp and ready! It’s going to be a great year!

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