Yelp Reviews Leave a Bad Taste

Customer Satisfaction is the number one thing we all look for when paying for services, products or any transaction. We want to walk away from it feeling appreciated, understood and like we got the good end of the deal. No one walks away from a bad transaction without telling someone about it. But rarely, do we share our good experiences.

What are your Customers saying about you?

Some time ago, while on the phone with a potential customer, she stopped me and asked me, “Do you like your job?” I realized I was running through the transaction like I had done so many times with a rapid tension and a desire to get off the phone. It really woke me up. Having to apologize and slow down the conversation really made me realize that sometimes you only have one chance to make that first impression. As I was unable to finish the transaction due to needing a shipping quote, I promised to call her back and hung up feeling like a true failure. I mean, really!?! Who was I to put off a bad attitude and make her day. It was certainly not my best day.

After receiving the information I needed for the client, I gave her a call to finish the transaction; this time with much more exuberance. I spoke pleasantly and exaggerated my smile so that she could hear it on the line. As I was finishing the transaction I told her that I hoped she would have a wonderful day. Her reply was this, “You too! And thank you so much for calling me back, I really look forward to using your product and I appreciate your service.” I walked away from the ordeal feeling quite accomplished and thankful I had a second chance.

Good customers can be rare. It is important that we take our time with each and every one to ensure complete satisfaction. Asking your Clients or Customers for a Yelp, Google, or Social Media review is a Big Business Etiquette No-No, but asking them to share their experience with their friends and family can say to someone, “I like your business! Come back and send others you know!”

The other side to being good business owners is remembering to offer good reviews as well! We need to make it a point to go out of our way in sharing good business transactions. Offering a good review for a company that you have had dealings with is just plain good karma. Share the wealth! In turn, knowing when someone might just be having a bad day. One bad instance can leave a bad taste in any consumer’s mouth for a very long time! Don’t let this define your company’s customer service reviews, it may turn out that it will be last bit of customer appreciation you ever serve.

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