SEO Presence | Easter Egg Hunt

With Easter right around the corner, we celebrate the beautiful spring weather, rejoice in our religious beliefs and take the time to enjoy the wonder in our kids eyes while we send them on endless Easter Eggs encouraging them that they just might find a piece of yummy candy. I can’t help to compare that look with business owners when they look at me asking me what to do for their “SEO Presence”. Building “SEO Presence” is a cyclical pattern of works. It’s not like finding Easter Eggs and then all of a sudden… you have your candy as the number one item on a Google, Bing or Yahoo list.

The number one question any business owner has is “How do I get to number one on an online search?”. It’s almost like they have this idea that if they just do a certain formula or action, that they will automatically pop up to the top of Google’s list and no matter what, they will stay there forever. Well, unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work that way. The formulas and actions needed to build your SEO Presence depend on your type of business, your marketing avenues, your social media avenues and your consistency and content. If you have a magnificent looking website, without proper titles, your site will not be recognized. If you have a beautiful Facebook Page for your business but no threads leading to it, there’s a chance you will never show up on a Google search. The magnetic ties between basic visibility and massive visibility ultimately rely on two very important things. Consistency and Content.

There are so many ways to build online presence. Having a marketer will help you decide which avenues are best for you and help you build a schedule and content in order to keep those avenues consistently creating content. There is much to be said about having consistency in anything you do in life. It also pertains to building SEO. Now keep in mind… SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So, when you ask your marketer… How do we build my SEO? Your asking them to work on all of the little tiny pieces that make up that puzzle. Your asking them to Optimize your Online Information to meet the search engines requirements. It’s not like there are people sitting at Google saying, “her website has ugly colors – let’s ignore that site”. You are actually in a game with an engine, a machine… that’s looking for specific pieces of information. When it finds the information that it is looking for, it populates you on it’s list. Simple as that.

Now, sometimes finding out exactly what it is looking for can be difficult. It takes time to peruse all of your options and find out what might work and what doesn’t. It also is a trial and error game. Online presence ability can change constantly, that’s why it is important to have someone on your side. Here are a few steps that you can take to start figuring out exactly what those search engines look at when it comes to your business.

  1. Research Google AdWords or Adwords Express for the main search keywords and key-phrases that are most commonly used for your particular business or service and then use them on your website, website titles and in your content.
  2. Hyperlink your sites to one another by pointing at other resources of online information that your company offers about itself.
  3. Name your pictures on your sites with proper lingo… for instance – if your a chef and you put a picture on your website of a special dish, Name it accordingly like this: “Order ‘Your Business Name – Menu Item #’ – Red Fried Snapper with Beans”
  4. Get Connected with your competitors that are proceeding you on the searches you perform when looking for your online visibility. Find out what they are doing… You may get some fabulous ideas for new key terms and social media ploys.
  5. Stay consistent. Giving up will only drive you to the bottom of the list. Remember, getting to the top of the list takes a lot of time and effort… it won’t happen overnight. So you need to stay consistent, otherwise the search engines will think you have gone out of business and will stop recognizing you.


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