Social Media | How Social Should I Be?

What’s the real idea behind using Social Media as an Advertisement Hub for your business? Is it required? What makes it so special? Why spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogging when you could simply put an ad in the newspaper or on the radio? Do you have these questions as a business owner? Are you tired of having posts with no reaches and reaches with no results? Well, you’re not alone.

There is still a lot of confusion about how to use Social Media Sites as a business properly. Hosting a Social Media Website is a completely different ball game for a business than it is for an individual. Your content as a business owner needs to be tailored to getting your message across in a professional but most importantly in an interesting way. “Content” is the posts you put up, the pictures, the shares and videos. Material used to fill up your page should be interesting to your followers. I mean, let’s face it, folks go on Facebook to be entertained! Not advertised to! You are trying to keep their attention for the purpose of them “getting to know you”. You also want them to remember you when they are in need of the services you provide.  The whole point of Social Media is gain engagement by your followers, friends, connections etc. Finding posts that offer engagement on your site can be tedious work. It is a trial and error process that sometimes takes time to gain substantial and hard evidence that your actions are showing results.

There are lots of ways to entertain your followers. It depends on the type of business you are. For some, a Cookie Recipe might be just the thing that boosts your page and others a funny picture of a cat laying the piano. You want your content to be somewhat relative to what you stand for in the community, but entertaining enough to get peoples attention. Some business owners like to use “Hot Topics” to get that much needed engagement. For instance, offering a political view of something happening in the local community or national news. This is probably not the best way to get engagement. Political views as a business owner can alienate potential clients and customers. If you aren’t concerned about gaining more clients, then this may work for you… but if you are looking to gain a large client or customer base, political views can hurt your Social Media position.

Content should include ways for your followers to engage with you like re-posting, commenting, or “liking” what you are talking about. Remember that your most important stance is to be entertaining. Speak to the heart of the people whether that be through humor, education, or static energy. Static Energy can be a post about how you helped a customer with a particular service and what the outcome was. Sharing a good review, or mentioning a follower’s experience as a fun experience can be considered “static energy”.

Most consumers use Social Media as an avenue to meet you before calling or visiting you. They look for other people’s experiences to see if you are a good match for their needs. They want to know what they are in store for if they are about to do business with you. So always be genuine and accessible. You may be in an interview at 2am with a potential client and not even know it. Social Media is an excellent device for business advertisement and promotion. As long as you are using it in the correct way. Use it properly and you could grow your business, use in improperly and you could hurt your business.

For more advice and a look into how OTB can help you grow your business… visit us online! Thank you for listening in!


You don’t need to hammer them with promotions, sales and discounts and advertisement so much is that you want them to engage with you.

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