Memorial Day | A Day to Celebrate

Memorial Day often happens near the end of May. And while Everyone at On the Bus Productions appreciates this country and all of it’s Veterans; May is the Official Anniversary Month of OTB. This year we celebrated 5 years in the making and 2 years in Business. We are always taking the time to celebrate our success, our clients, our network, music and life. But, in May, we really let loose! Each May we host a Special Client Appreciation Picnic; and this year it was outstanding! Hosting a 5 band stage, On the Bus served up Tri-Tip Sandwiches and had games and fun behind the studio in Auburn, CA. We are very proud of the turn out and are already looking forward to next year’s event! What a great time!

We want to thank all the musicians that came out and helped us out by providing excellent music and entertainment. As well, Thank all the Staffers and Organizers! We couldn’t have done it without any of them! Check out our event pics at

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