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On the Bus Productions prides itself in the energy we hold here at our little studio in Auburn. It’s like we have all become one big family! The outpouring of love, support and participation has left us staggered in our boots. We never expected the studio to grow in this capacity. With the summer days boiling on, we consistently see growth and anticipation in our members for what we are to bring next.

The OTB Studio is a business for business. We create innovative Social Media Content and also do Video and Audio Productions. We can help a business get on OTB Logo 13track in their marketing departments, advertising departments and even help out with some positive coaching! But recently, the Music Side of On the Bus Productions has extremely excelled. We had always hoped to keep the music going in our lives as well as have a few musical projects going… but this! WoW! It is very exciting to see new talent and creative musicians working together all under one roof. It is exactly what we had dreamed of in the beginning.

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, as you will quite remember, the studio was originally created to become a hub of musical creation, talent searching, and event production. Diversified enough to keep everyone on their toes, but real enough to be tangible. We hoped to stimulate the Indie Industry with a force that would be reckoned with and regain the original artist’s stance in the surrounding communities. We were driven to get them appreciated, honored and more so, PAID. Well, things don’t always go the way you plan them. But for us, the journey has been an adventure we would never pass up again.

Alternative Blues Rock Artist Corrie Vallance
Corrie Vallance, an original rock singer and songwriter

“It was the moment that I realized that other original artists truly were just like me! Broke, Working and Just wanted to play. They wanted to at least earn an honest living working a job, but maybe a bonus at the end of the week playing for a simple appreciative crowd.  “Welcome to the Club” has been the line I have been hearing for over a year now. It wasn’t just me struggling to get out there and enjoy my own music… It was all original artists! We all had something to share and no stage. It was time for a change.” Corrie Vallance; President

In the end of 2012, Corrie Vallance, President of On the Bus Productions, decided to utilize her other talents for OTB.Why stick to one service when you can offer several right? That changed the face of OTB drastically. We redesigned our Logo’s, our mission statement, our purpose and our service packs. We opened this blog and gave our website a whole new look. Deciding on offering other services like Social Media Design, Video & Audio Production for commercials and advertisements. We gained a few good clients and started hosting workshops, talent searches, and were still able to be involved with the music on a more realistic level. By the end of 2013 the business was running strong and was able to show it’s importance to the community around it. We ended the year very proud of our achievements.

Working thru the first part of this year, 2014, OTB has gained more riders, network members and clients. We sustained the studio that we hold so dear to our hearts. So, where to go from here. As we fully understand there are ups and downs to any business, we can’t help think that maybe we need to regain our focus. We had hoped that the business would be paying for itself completely by now. In the months past, we have thrown around many ideas. Hosting a Spring Fling Picnic gave us a real picture of how much support we truly have and where our stronghold is in our reputation. Now, to elaborate.

With OTB’s constant striving to get those artists in the limelight, we have opened the doors for many. We are now hosting our own events, blowing up on Friday Night’s OTB Underground and becoming a resource for bookings. We couldn’t have planned the succession we are experiencing, it just happened. While we are continuously working at making OTB events affordable yet thrilling, we have recently gained some new network members that are helping us achieve our goals. With connections in your pocket, who wouldn’t be successful? We are blessed by the willingness of each and every business we are working with. It’s just amazing!

The Bus Riders at OTB Underground
OTB Bus Riders

OTB will soon be announcing a few changes at the studio and really look forward to the community working with us to continue to grow. Not everything in life is Free, namely, our expenses. So, we have thought up a few simple changes we can make to help us help you. the first change we will be presenting is that our infamous event OTB Underground will officially be requiring an door fee. The cost will be small, but will ultimately help us continue to grow with those who are truly with us for the long haul. We understand times are tough… that is why we are asking for more support.

The membership will last a year and it’s main focus will be offering major discounts to members who continually support our efforts. Even if one did not attend all the Underground Events, it would be something that one would want to buy into. We have carefully considered the cost of our discounts and weighed the balance of costs. And while we still very much want to be a host of being affordable (Free), we needed to draw a line on the hospitality in order to keep the Bus Moving.

In September 2014, On the Bus Productions will be hosting a major event. In order to extend savings on tickets right away – OTB has released its membership allowances and provided the necessary portals on the website to Become a Member today! Visit our website for more details. You’ll find the VIP Card on the Right of our Home Page. Simply click and get started on your savings today.

We appreciate everyone tuning in to our thoughts and stories here at the OTB Blog. We would be absolutely nothing without our friends, family and riders! It’s all in good hopes that OTB survives these hard times and we all grace another day to play, live and love in the music and successful business. Tune in soon… We will continue to keep you all updated.

VIP Badge
the official OTB VIP Badge

To find out more about the OTB Underground Membership and how it works visit our website at https://www.onthebusprod.com/Membership. We look forward to hearing from you!

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