Thanksgiving Potluck | OTB Holiday Parties

Well, Here we go! The Holiday Season has officially arrived and we are gearing up for some very fun events! flyer

On the Bus will host a Giving of Thanks Celebration on Nov. 21st! We look forward to seeing some old and new friends there. It’s a Potluck so we are waiving cover as well! Come out and enjoy the End of Year News Update at this event as well!

In honor of the New Year, OTB will be hosting a costume masquerade ball as well on January 2nd, 2015! flyer

The members are getting excited about this ball! Dress up and come out! The DramaNots will also be performing live!

The Studio will be all dressed up with holiday trimmings this year thanks to our Committee Members who will be decorating in Mid-December. We can’t thank them enough for their wonderful talents, participation and support through this last year. They have been so amazing!


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