Business to Business Savings | New Authorized Dealer

There are several ways to get your business name out there in your community! Staying involved with Community Events, Co-Hosting Non-Profit Events, Having Special Promotions or Offers for select groups or associations and sending out printed materials to folks who come to your business.

One way On the Bus Productions used printed materials was by giving each of our members a printed key ring card. this way whenever they are out and about and set their key rings down, On the Bus Productions is advertised by the key ring card. KEYID UNDERGROUND 1

The small ID Tag Card is adorned in bright colors and has our business name and website information on it. The card also sports a small QR Code on it so that folks can easily share our website with other smart phone users.

The main supplier for the ID Tags was a client of ours which you probably have heard of in some of other avenues of promotion, Personalized ID Tags. Well, once we finished their contract we decided it would be a wonderful product for our other clients. And we are proud to announce that On the Bus Productions is now an Authorized Dealer of GoWiLD Cards!

We have arranged the discounts to fit around any small business or bands budget. This way you can still promote your specials, members, gift cards or business logo in small quantities! Visit our Website for more information or call 530-906-5389 to get your order started today!

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