New Years Resolutions | Party Time

Well, the Bus Riders have it. After our bus board meeting near the end of December 2014… and lots of deliberation on last years accomplishments and the company’s new year goals, we have decided to add some new twists on the OTB Underground!

The Underground originated when we first moved into our humble little studio in Auburn, on Hwy 49. Since then, it has grown to be the staple event of our company and offers the most fun for followers and members alike. It is considerably the largest department of On the Bus Productions and we want to continue to see it grow.

The Underground offers a place where listeners and musicians can gather to share, network, play, and enjoy a positive and exciting environment. The “Bus Riders” or Members have made it a special place to be. Their consistent attendance has made Friday Nights my favorite night of the week. They are always the first ones to rejoice in your successes and the first ones to mourn your losses. They stand beside you in struggles and dance through your triumphs. Overall, the members and crowd of the Underground is just a special group of people that have enhanced my life tremendously. And we wanted to find a way to thank our members for making it so incredibly awesome!

So, Beginning in 2015 the OTB Underground will be offering a bit more on Friday Nights! We have decided we will be offering a Quarterly Potluck on the 2nd Fridays of Each Quarter starting in January. We had only 2 Potlucks in 2014 and decided that they were to much fun not to have more of them.

We are also going to be offering a THEME Night Every Month at OTB Underground! We have decided on 12 Different Themes and will be consistent on these so as to give our Members and Friends plenty of time to prepare their costumes!

It’s just another way for us to say Thank You and to give the Underground a little something more than what we have had in the past. We want to continue to keep the spirit of creativity, laughter, and unity alive at the Bus… We figured what better way to do it than to get in costumes and eat food!

The Theme Nights will happen EVERY 2nd FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH! The Annual Schedule will be as follows.

•Jan 9 – Pajama Party & Potluck

•Feb 13 – 90’s

•Mar 13 – 50’s

•Apr 10 – Favorite Musician & Potluck

•May 8 – 80’s

•Jun 12 – Come as your Favorite Holiday

•July 10 – Movie Characters & Potluck

•Aug 14 – 60’s

•Sept 11 – Career Day ( The one you wanted)

•Oct 9 – Funny Hat

•Nov 13 – Concert Night & Giving of Thanks Potluck

•Dec 11 – 70’s

So Gear Up all you Bus Riders ’cause the Bus Stop is Dressing Up this upcoming year! Bring your spirits and love and let’s have a great 2015!!

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