With the New Year Comes Change

It is a fool who repeats his actions expecting different results time and time again. There is a time when even the fool must realize that change is good and right. Change can bring new beginnings or bring an end to sorrowful pasts. In every way that life seems to remain the same, somethings must have changed to bring us to where we have developed to be.

I have decided to bring some change into my own life. As I have built this business, On the Bus Productions, I see now through minor shades of color a little bit more of the purpose in a business that slowly builds its own purpose into fruition. So, without a long explanation as to why I am making these movements in these directions… I will simply state that I will now be offering a new service as well as changing my position on some of the other services my company provides.

As I have found myself to be a positive influence through the past year in so many lives across the communities that I have served. I feel that it is best that I, without regret, stand on my position of Faith, Grace, and the Power of Positive Nature. For too long I have seen people wither in their senses of disbelief in themselves and the world around them. I found that most people have a hard time grasping the realism of life and the ability to focus on good mental health. I too fall to the stresses and strife of life when I do not focus on positive thought. That is why it is so clear to me now what I must share with all of you.

I will soon be offering my services as a Motivational Speaker. Exploring more of my coaching abilities and reaching for collectives that could use a lift up in certain areas of life including but not limited too, Musicianship, Business Management and Goal Management. There are ways to step into whatever it is that you want to do in life with a basic set of skills and resources. I want to help people find their specific set of skills and resources within themselves so that the sky becomes their limit.

I will be setting up a page with information and a video to share the length at which these services will go and what they will entail as soon as I am able. Thank you all for your continued support and devout energy you give to keep me going. I am looking forward to the year 2015.

Signed, President of OTB

Corrie Vallance

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