Bands Showcase | Studio Opens Doors

Studio OTB has become the newest and hottest hub in Auburn for small Indie musicians to find a limelight and course of action for promoting themselves. The dream was to bring the true passion of the indie artist to center stage and give hope that there is still a true “Music Industry” to take part in. Through the past year, On the Bus Productions has substantially grown. It now hosts a total of Four Annual Events a year as well as many small weekly and monthly events. Their passion and motto still ring true. “Present the Passion for the Music and the Dream will Never Die.”

One of the business’s main focuses has been for the weekly Friday night event purposely named “OTB Underground“. The ultimate goal was to build an environment where both musicians and listeners alike could come and gather in an intimate setting. The attention for this weekly occasion has caught the surrounding community’s eye immensily and is showing true progress in the audience. The untold mission was to cultivate an open and positive experience where all kinds of people could come and gather to encourage happiness, vitality and explore all the possibilities of music together. And that is exactly what is happening. “I like to think of this place as a sanctuary, a life church of some sorts. It’s just a place where you can really get away and feel good about yourself, your community and hear some really great music.” says Corrie Vallance, President of OTB. “I wanted to create a place where people can go just to feel good.”

Each Friday Night from 6pm to 11pm, On the Bus Productions’ studio staff equip the main floor with Guitar Amps, Bass Rigs, Drum Kits, Microphones, and even Keyboards. They furnish a comfy seating area for listeners to relax and enjoy the intimate show along with a full stage experience. The studio thumps with a full sound system that is clear and promotes dance fever and the stage lighting set-up makes you feel like your at the biggest rock show you’ve ever seen. And all this happens in their very quaint little studio comprised of about six-hundred square feet. The back porch of the studio offers outdoor seating for enjoying beautiful nor-cal evening weather. It is back set by a fenced field that offers a feeling of remote privacy right off of Highway 49 near Dry Creek Road. The music is always good and the people are always happy. The Studio encourages their followers to purchase memberships that allow them to pay a smaller cover for attending OTB Events. An Annual VIP Membership is only $25 and provides a 20% Discount on OTB Services, OTB Merchandise and gives right to a $2 Cover Charge instead of $5 Cover Charge for the weekly OTB Underground Events.

Recently the Friday night event has featured some new local bands that brought the attention of new followers. They have now decided to make this a regular thing by Showcasing bands every first and third Friday of every month. They are attentive to their small space but know that the more musicians they can gather, the happier the listeners will be. Some people come for the music, some for the energy, and some come to simply support small business. Either way they always have a good time. They will be offering Showcase Slots on a First Come, First Serve basis. They will also be offering the stage to many different types of artists, including spoken word, comedians, musicians, and others. They encourage the community to take a closer look at what’s happening here. Especially venue owners who are looking to book different acts for their venues. On the Bus Productions is a resource for finding good quality acts and enjoys setting the stage for anyone who is looking for exposure or some side money. “It’s a hard act to follow when you host the best acts in town” stated candidly by Corrie Vallance. “We want to share the wealth with our community.”


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