Fake News | Facebook Algorithm of 20 People

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So everyone thinks that Facebook is trying to limit your content. Well, it’s just not true!

In December 2017, a post generated some concern as it was released saying that Facebook had changed it’s algorithms to limit your content to only seeing the 26 people in your news feed. It created such a panic that everyone, at some point, has shared the non-sensical post.

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Easter Brings New Beginnings!

  Hello All you wonderful OTB Peeps! Happy Easter! We are so excited to Announce that the New OTB Studio is Official! We are completing our move this weekend! And just in time for Summer Months! We have a beautiful set up with even more outdoor seating and even a cozy inside bar! We have …

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Hoping for a Christmas Miracle

OTB NEEDS YOUR HELP and SUPPORT! For the past two years Garrett and I have done our very best to continue to provide a unique Indie Experience for the Bands and Musicians of our surrounding communities and venues. We strive to inspire Hopes and Dreams for musicians as well as small business owners. As most …

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PA Workshop | NCMA Continues to Impress

On the Bus Productions was proud to host the NCMA March Workshop on Basic and Advanced PA Set up! We co-hosted with Member Michael Gregory who added to the plethora of knowledge shared during the event. We covered everything from speakers to cord types, plugs and levels and even reviewed a crash course in microphones! …

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OTB Underground SHOWCASE | Upcoming Roster

Wait for it! Have we got some great music in store for you! We are very proud to announce that we have had a plethora of bands apply for OTB Showcase Slots and are very excited for what's coming up next! We have so many different sounds coming your way! Bringing Rock, Blues, Reggae, Country …

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Bands Showcase | Studio Opens Doors

Studio OTB has become the newest and hottest hub in Auburn for small Indie musicians to find a limelight and course of action for promoting themselves. The dream was to bring the true passion of the indie artist to center stage and give hope that there is still a true "Music Industry" to take part …

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New Party Brings New VIP

Our First Theme Party for 2015 was a complete Success! We enjoyed a wonderful and comforting Pajama Potluck with all the Bus Riders, Friends and even some new VIP's!! We are happy to welcome aboard Shannon Van Der Vijver and Brandel Johnson! Thanks to all the Bus Riders for their constant support and participation! Coming …

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With the New Year Comes Change

It is a fool who repeats his actions expecting different results time and time again. There is a time when even the fool must realize that change is good and right. Change can bring new beginnings or bring an end to sorrowful pasts. In every way that life seems to remain the same, somethings must …

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