Speaker Services

seats-orange-congress-empty-722708I will tell ya, there is no shortage of the gift of gab at OTB! Hence… a blogging site? We love to talk so much it has lead us numerous times to speaking at conventions, local business seminars and group conferences. We enjoy enriching people’s lives with knowledge and hope.

The following topics are very dear to owner, Corrie Vallance’s heart and are of subject matters that we typically speak on. We are always open to speaking on any one of our Blog Topics or developing a Specific Topic tailored for your needs! Contact Us so we can review what your needs are today!

Your Mad Money System

black-and-white-people-bar-menDo you find yourself constantly bartering with Peter just to pay Paul!? Paying off bills and getting out of debt can some times seem impossible! but there are ways we are fighting ourselves everyday on our very own goals! It’s when someone puts it into perspective we are able to see the problem and then make the changes we need to in order to Transform Our Financial Future. Contact Us now to Schedule!

Motivate Me!


A team hard at work all the time can lose sight of what is really important to your company! A bit of Team Motivation is always a great way to re-inspire and rejuvenate any team member! Contact Us with your concerns and specific topics you want to elaborate at your conference, seminar or workshop! Together, We can make it happen!

3 Dynamics to a Successful Musician


If you don’t build your dream, you’ll spend all your time building someone else’s dream. As musicians, it is easy to lose focus on what’s truly important for Band Success! We will take you on a journey of the industry and point out the things that will help you become successful. Get ready for this 4-Point Series Workshop! Contact Us now as schedules fill up fast!

The Good News


“I am convinced, that when you hear the truth, you will know it to be true.” Corrie Vallance.

Too many followers lead lives with no hope! We want to change that. We want to bring people to the understanding that the only thing we have to do to be saved is BELIEVE. Religion is man-made. Salvation is God-Made.

Contact Us now to sit in at your church or bible study and share the Good News in a whole new way.