PA Workshop | NCMA Continues to Impress

On the Bus Productions was proud to host the NCMA March Workshop on Basic and Advanced PA Set up! We co-hosted with Member Michael Gregory who added to the plethora of knowledge shared during the event. We covered everything from speakers to cord types, plugs and levels and even reviewed a crash course in microphones! …

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Bands Showcase | Studio Opens Doors

Studio OTB has become the newest and hottest hub in Auburn for small Indie musicians to find a limelight and course of action for promoting themselves. The dream was to bring the true passion of the indie artist to center stage and give hope that there is still a true "Music Industry" to take part …

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VIP Badge

Times are Changing | Be a VIP

On the Bus Productions prides itself in the energy we hold here at our little studio in Auburn. It's like we have all become one big family! The outpouring of love, support and participation has left us staggered in our boots. We never expected the studio to grow in this capacity. With the summer days …

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The Bus Riders at OTB Underground

Memorial Day | A Day to Celebrate

Memorial Day often happens near the end of May. And while Everyone at On the Bus Productions appreciates this country and all of it's Veterans; May is the Official Anniversary Month of OTB. This year we celebrated 5 years in the making and 2 years in Business. We are always taking the time to celebrate …

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Social Media | How Social Should I Be?

What's the real idea behind using Social Media as an Advertisement Hub for your business? Is it required? What makes it so special? Why spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blogging when you could simply put an ad in the newspaper or on the radio? Do you have these questions as a business owner? …

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Music Department Community Drive Banner

Nevada County Music | Park Avenue Project

Marty Mathiesen, who was recently awarded "Principal of the Year 2014" has been developing a Music Department at Park Avenue Alternative Education School for the past 3 years. His dedication, along with a small team of enthusiastic individuals has built a strong desire in the students of Park Ave. for a Musical Production. It has …

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Stillwood Sages - Curtis Hildebrand

Music Festival | NorCal Rocks

Ready to experience the limelight of the true Indie Music Industry? Watch music bring people together in complete awareness to the Northern Ca region. Sunny Dragon Records with Tanglewood Studios and On the Bus Productions presents a 3rd Annual Music Festival that brings delight to all live music fans everywhere. Supporting Autism and Cancer Awareness, …

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Liquidation | Art Gallery Owner Sells All

Abreu Gallery Picture Framers served the Sacramento Region for years... after moving to a New Location in Grass Valley, Tom Head put his Art Gallery away. Now, he wants to sell it. Sell it All! The Owner has a put Everything on Discount! From Paintings to Prints - The Whole Gallery is now 70% Off …

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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

So it's a completely new year and you have so many things you want to do! Well... as a business owner I have learned to take it all a day at a time. The focus is not how much you can get accomplished, but what you can get accomplished right. Take for instance Social Web …

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Social Sharing of Music

As a music studio we are always trying to bring more musicians together. Uniting people in song, lyrics, musical notes and the spirit that music brings makes us extremely happy. I can't think of any better way to share what I mean than to share this video on my blog. While browsing Facebook, my partner …

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