Easter Brings New Beginnings!



Hello All you wonderful OTB Peeps!

Happy Easter! We are so excited to Announce that the New OTB Studio is Official! We are completing our move this weekend! And just in time for Summer Months!

We have a beautiful set up with even more outdoor seating and even a cozy inside bar!

We have created our 2016 Summer Schedule and Look Forward to All the Great Upcoming Nights with our VIP Members!

Check it out!

Starting in April we will commence our new schedule. We will be gathering Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of Each Month.

But please note, If one of those dates falls on a Major Holiday, we will not be gathering.  For instance, Upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Here is our upcoming Schedule.  To Subscribe Click Here and then Hit the Subscribe Button!

April 8th : OTB Underground

April 22nd: OTB Underground

May 13th: OTB Underground

June 10th: OTB Underground


Things to remember; If you are not yet an OTB VIP. You need to get your membership! All OTB Undergrounds are now PRIVATE Events! Which means if you’re not a VIP you cannot attend!

Please make sure your membership is up to date! Or to purchase your Membership Now – Visit Our Website and get it online!

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